~WAMPAS Baby Stars~
WAMPAS stands for Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers in the United States. It was an
association that honored 13 women each year whom they believe to be promising newcomers to the
motion picture world. WAMPAS awards were handed out from 1922 to 1934 (with the exception of
1930 & 1933) at a party called the "WAMPAS frolic." WAMPAS stars received extensive media
coverage. WAMPAS awards stopped due to pressure from the major studios, worried that WAMPAS
may exert too much control over their stars.
Photographed from Left to Right: Dolores Costello, Vera
Reynolds, Mary Astor, Marceline Day, Edna Marion, Mary
Brian, Fay Wray, Janet Gaynor, Sally Long, Joyce Compton,
Dolores Del Rio, Sally O'Neil and Joan Crawford.
Photograph courtesy of Peter Mikkelsen
~WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1925~
?, ?, ?, Olive Borden, Natalie Kingston, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
~WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1924~
Clara Bow, Elinor Fair, Carmelita Geraghty, Gloria Grey,
Ruth Hiatt, Julianne Johnston, Hazel Keener, Dorothy
Makaill, Blanche Mehaffey, Margaret Morris, Marian
Nixon, Lucille Ricksen & Alberta Vaughn.
~WAMPAS Baby Stars 1928~
Gwen Lee, Molly O'Day, Sally Eilers, Sue Carol, June Collyer, Dorothy Gulliver, Alice Day & Audrey
~WAMPAS Baby Stars 1929~
Top: Loretta Young, Josephine Dunn, Jean Arthur,
Doris Hill, Anita Page
Middle: Mona Rico, Betty Boyd, Sally Blane, Ethyln
Bottom: Helen Twelvetrees, Caryl Lincoln, Helen
Foster, Doris Dawson