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Universal Ike Makes a Money of Himself, 1914

~Augustus Carney~ ~Plot Synopsis~ ~It Was Plain That the Monkey Understood Ike's Tirade~ Ike is the cook at the ranch. When the theatrical company becomes stranded ...

When Universal Ike Set -

~Augustus Carney~ ~Plot Synopsis~ When Ike married the widow, he believed his life would be one of ease. Alas, she made him work. He decided to be sick. The doctor ...

Universal Ike Has One Foot in the Grave, 1914

Universal Ike is badly treated by his nagging wife. She not only refuses to allow him to go out for a time with the boys, but she even compels him to help with the washing.

Univeral Ike and the School Belle, 1914 -

In which Ike and a new-arrived school-marm rescue somebody's wandering boy from a life of sin and start him into matrimony. Eddie is the victim, Ike forces him to school.

Universal Ike in The Neglected Wife, 1914 -

Louise and Ray are newly married. At heart Ray is in love with Louise, though he is a bit of a flirt. Resentful, because of his neglect, Louise writes her parents that she is coming home.

Universal Ike Gets a Goat, 1914 -

Cast and Credits for the Silent Film UNIVERSAL IKE GETS A GOAT, released in 1914

Martyrs of the Alamo, 1915 -

Comedy relief is in the hands of Augustus Carney, the once-popular star of the "Alkali Ike" comedies. Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, ...

Universal Ike in Pursuit of Eats, 1914 -

~IKE EXPLAINS TO THIS WIFE THAT THEY ARE RICH NOW~ Ike suddenly finds himself rich by the death of an uncle. With his wife, he buys a hotel. Circus people

Universal Ike's Wooing, 1914 -

"They died for love. Locked in each other's arms, they capsized the boat and sank beneath the surface of the dismal waters without a murmur." Thus the romantic Mary reads and her youthful imagination

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